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Our mission

We are helping people travel in a more sustainable, safe, and cost-effective way through our product and technology.

 Getting around can be greener


We want to make getting around better for the environment. This involves: 

  • Offsetting any unavoidable vehicle emissions
  • Making Electric Vehicle ownership easier and cheaper 
  • Encouraging more eco-friendly driving
  • Encouraging alternative transport methods

Getting around can be safer

Every year, road accidents claim over 1 million lives and injure many more. We aim to make travelling safer by: 

  • Encouraging better driving
  • Providing better accident detection and related safety services 
  • Providing insurance products that offer real protection and value should anything go wrong

 Getting around can be easier


Many people are left with no choice but to use their cars to get around. We try:

  • To make commuting cheaper and more convenient 
  • To provide rewards and benefits to our members 



Get started with Breez Go

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