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Supercharge your journey to net-zero

Breez+ goes beyond eco-goals by offsetting all user emissions, enhancing tree planting, all while offering rewards that make your sustainability journey even more enjoyable.

An innovative leap forward in sustainable living

Go Green, Get Rewarded


Breez+ is not just about meeting environmental targets; it's an innovative leap forward in sustainable living. While diligently tracking and offsetting your mileage and emissions, Breez+ also celebrates your green efforts by rewarding you. 


These rewards aren't just token gestures - they're substantial, ranging from cash incentives to vouchers for eco-friendly travel options. But the benefits extend even further. By participating in Breez+, you become more than just a neutral party in the fight against pollution; you transform into a net positive contributor to the environment.


Every journey with Breez+ is a stride towards a cleaner, greener world, where your actions don't just reduce harm but actively foster a healthier planet. So, each time you choose to travel sustainably, Breez+ ensures that your choice is recognized, rewarded, and amplified in its positive impact.


How do I get started?

Join Breez+!

Make sure you install the Breez Go App from th Apple App store or Google Play store, and then follow the instructions below to sign up for Breez.

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Download the Breez Go app and log in, or sign up, if you are a new user.

Follow the link that is relevant to the device you use when commuting, then download and install the app on the device.

Click on 'Learn More'

Scroll to the 'Upgrade to Breez+' section of the home screen in your app and click on Learn More.
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Click on 'View Options'

Click 'View Options' to enhance your Breez+ profile with monthly tree planting, in addition to planting a tree for every 60 miles/100 kms traveled and offsetting 100% of your emissions.
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Enhance your product if you wish, and proceed to payment.

Plant up to 10 additional trees per month to contribute to the environment. We accept Credit Cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay for secure payments through Stripe.
Did you say, 'rewards'?

We believe in rewarding our community for their eco-conscious decisions.

We partner with providers to offer rewards and benefits, contributing to our community's positive environmental impact.

Our benefits include free vouchers for usage from TFL Santander cycles, Forest, discounts on bicycle insurance, cash-back rewards for performing your vehicle MOT, and many others!

These benefits are available in the app under your benefits page for you to redeem and enjoy!