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Breez Go for Corporates

Empower your workforce with Breez Go's sustainable journey. Partner with us for exclusive access to eco-friendly benefits, detailed reports on collective emissions, and driving corporate responsibility forward.

Our mission

A transformative approach to corporate sustainability.

In an era where environmental responsibility is necessary, Breez Go Corporate enables companies to lead in eco-consciousness. Our service extends Breez+'s benefits to businesses, making a significant impact on their environmental footprint.

We offer a tailored, group subscription model that seamlessly aligns with your company's ethos and operational framework.

Our three pillars for success ensure your employees travel more:

The problem

Scope 3 Emissions Management

Companies face increasing pressure to measure and reduce employee emissions from commuting and business travel.

Our comprehensive solution offers a holistic approach to tackling Scope 3 Emissions, making it easier for companies to manage and reduce them effectively.

1. Regulation

Compliance for corporate sustainability reporting, SEC disclosures, and ESG Reporting, among others.

2. Net-Zero Commitments

Measurement and reduction of emissions are vital in reaching Net-Zero targets.

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3. Large source of emissions

Employee commuting significantly contributes to company emissions.

4. Internal & external pressure

Internal and external pressures increase the pressure to address sustainability initiatives across employees, customers, and shareholders.

A wholistic solution

How do we solve the problem?

The Breez Go mobile app uses innovative modular technology to solve the problem of commuting emissions.

It accurately measures and provides strategies to reduce emissions, earning the admiration and loyalty of employees while rewarding them for their efforts.

Employers benefit from enhanced ESG credentials, brand reputation, and increased employee retention. Breez Go revolutionizes sustainability and positively impacts individuals and organizations.

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Beneficial for employees and employers alike.
For the employee
The core of Breez Go Corporate lies in its dual benefit structure: individual empowerment and corporate accountability. Your employees gain access to the full range of Breez+ perks, including the ability to track and offset their emissions, enjoy rewards for sustainable travel choices, and contribute positively to the environment. This not only promotes a culture of eco-awareness among your workforce but also aligns individual actions with broader corporate sustainability goals
For the employer
Breez Go is a powerful tool that can be used in understanding and managing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards for corporates. With our advanced tracking and reporting features, businesses can gain a clear picture of their overall environmental impact due to the collective data of their employees' commuting patterns. This insight is invaluable for sustainability reporting and helps in formulating strategies that align with global environmental standards and objectives. Moreover, by offering Breez+ as a benefit to employees, companies enhance their appeal as forward-thinking, responsible employers committed to making a real difference in the world.
How do I implement this for my company?

The Process

Get your employees on board to experience the benefits of Breez Go. Our app seamlessly tracks their commuting habits, allowing you to effortlessly monitor your organization's Scope 3 carbon profile while offering them money-saving benefits.

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Reach out to us to register your company


Your employees download the Breez Go app and join the company group in the app.


The app keeps tabs on emissions generated by commuting automatically, or commutes can be managed manually if preferred


The app keeps tabs on emissions generated by commuting automatically, or commutes can be managed manually if preferred

More on ESG

How do ESG standards affect my business?

ESG is in the spotlight for companies, and there is increased pressure to disclose corporate practices in compliance with ESG and the environment.

Breez+ offers a simple solution for corporates that incentivise their employees to be cognisant of their emissions. Breez will plant trees and offset carbon emissions for every employee who downloads the smartphone app, and we provide your company with an environmental report for inclusion in your company's annual reports (total trees planted and emissions offset).

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Benefits of ESG reporting include:
  • Competing for investors and financing 
  • Alignment with listing requirements
  • There is a growing number of companies are becoming ESG compliant, you don't want to get left behind
Corporate camaraderie

In light of global warming and the changes in the climate, many individuals are making conscious choices to protect the earth. 

Your company can join Breez+ to incorporate a greener business from the top down, and encourage employees to contribute to the common goal. Greater value is placed on companies that are proactive in addressing the environmental changes. Employees respect and appreciate greener decisions, and with Breez+ your company can work together to be part of the solution!

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Pricing information

We have accessible and affordable sustainability solutions for every business. Tiered pricing ensures Breez+ benefits align with your company's needs. Get a budget-friendly plan that maximizes value for your employees. Choose Breez Go Corporate for an eco-conscious future without excessive costs.