Your environmental impact, addressed

Breez Go for Personal Use

Embark on an eco-friendly adventure with Breez Go. Our app provides personalized environmentally conscious benefits, giving you insights into your carbon emissions and offsets while rewarding you at the same time. Make smarter travel choices and positively contribute to the planet, all at an accessible rate.

Transforming Your Personal Sustainability Journey.

An innovative solution to personal sustainability.

In a world where making eco-friendly choices is essential, Breez Go offers a unique opportunity for individuals to embrace environmental responsibility. With our app, you get the full spectrum of Breez+'s benefits, tailored for your personal use, allowing you to significantly reduce your environmental footprint.

We recognize that everyone's path to sustainability is different, which is why Breez Go is designed to align with your individual lifestyle and daily habits, offering a customized approach to help you make a meaningful impact on the planet.

How do I get started?

Join the community!

Our users keep planting trees while they get around, and you can too by joining them on the app. Follow these steps to get started on your journey to a greener future:

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Download the Breez Go app

Follow the link that is relevant to the device you use when commuting, then download and install the app on the device.

Register and add your car or bicycle details

Once you have registered, you can add your vehicle or bicycle details so that we can more accurately calculate your emissions for each journey you take.

Enable permissions so we can record your trips

Upon registering, you need to enable all of the required permissions so that we can detect when you are in transit. The app handles this process automatically and requires no effort from you!

Grow your forest, offset your emissions and get rewarded for it.

As your trips are recorded, we automatically calculate mileages and environmental impacts, which are then offset automatically and trees are planted too based on the distance travelled. Subscribers also actively receive up to £30 in rewards each month,  including  free e-bike & e-scooter hire, discounted EV charging, or discounts on new bicycles and electric vehicles, that help with achieving a carbon-free carbon profile! 
Take it a step further

Upgrade to Breez+

Upgrade to Breez+ and effortlessly reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to a cleaner planet. Experience advanced features and exclusive benefits for sustainable travel, making a positive impact on the environment.